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We help our customers use public data to enhance transparency and reduce risk

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More and more public open data is coming online every day.

This information represents a layer of unique and meaningful intelligence, helping us better understand and navigate our world — to avoid risk, drive insight, and unlock opportunity. Vigilant provides solutions to access this data, and tools to help understand it.

Vigilant's data access solutions are trusted when it matters most

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Our Datasets

We are continuously adding new data sets.

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Sanctions & Penalties
Monitor for new sanctions and penalties across hundreds of data sets

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Monitor for new cases across dozens of states

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Business Filings
Monitor business registrations and filings domestically and internationally

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Track for new contract awards, payments, and bids

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Lobbying Records
See new registrations and track a company’s national lobbying footprint

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Property Records
Monitor for new records of ownership

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Payments & Transfers
Monitor for new payments, including non-profit grants, campaign contributions, and more

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Adverse Events
Track new regulatory issues, data breaches, and other adverse events

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Use Vigilant’s highly extendable system to integrate monitoring of any public data set

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