Lobby Intelligence

Powered by Vigilant

Lobby Intelligence™ powered by Vigilant gives you access to up-to-the-minute lobbying data from all 50 states, the federal government, and major cities and counties across the country. Quickly gather competitive intelligence, and monitor for new developments.


Lobby Intelligence™ searches data from every state capital, major cities and counties, and federal filings to provide the most comprehensive lobbying intelligence available.

Real Time

Lobby Intelligence™ connects to all of the lobbying databases directly, providing up-to-the-minute lobbying intelligence, and notifying you of any new records.

Stay ahead with Lobby Intelligence.

Comprehensive Search

Search lobbying disclosures from all 50 states and the federal government, in seconds. Vigilant’s Lobby Intelligence™ search accesses lobbying databases directly, always returning the most current information.

Maximum Data Extraction

Vigilant’s Lobby Intelligence™ search doesn’t just return top-level results. It also digs several layers into the records, extracting all of the information you need.

Real-Time Alerts and Monitoring

Get ongoing intelligence, with alerts that monitor for new lobbying records and registrations, and send you email notifications when new records are detected.